Just wanted to say thanks so much for the great instruction you gave Zoe and Lulu on Saturday. Please feel free to add the following to your website as a testimonial. I will be recommending you guys to all our friends! See you again in a couple of years when my now-14-year-old has his turn!   Super impressed with Fifth Gear's instructors and their defensive driving course. My daughter and her friend were a little nervous ahead of their course, but their instructor Kim put them immediately at ease. His professional but friendly and encouraging manner was perfect for helping them to extend beyond their comfort zone and learn and apply new skills (which they got to try out again during a rainstorm on the way home!). My daughter picked up many valuable tips about safety and driving that I had overlooked passing on to her. I cannot recommend these guys enough. 

Zoe and Lulu Defensive Driving Course

10.10.19   Feedback from my son on instructor Jack Greenough: * 10/10 * knowledgeable  * fair * friendly * good communicator  * kept me informed if he was running late (**traffic in Canberra in peak hour is always fun to negotiate!) * relaxed, made me feel comfortable    **admin edited.

F Higgins - Mum of Succesful Student

10.10.19    Nikita is just amazing. She is super patient and not at all judgemental. I came back to learning after a crash; it took me 36 lessons to get to my Ps but she never made me feel like I was going slow. Her reaction time is amazing (like seriously goals!!!). Also, Nikita is super fun to be around. She made the otherwise daunting experience of driving super bearable and enjoyable for me.  Thanks to Nikita for helping me calm my dancing driving nerves. In the next 20 years, I'll make sure my kids take lessons from her.  Cheers, Successful Student, Canberra  

I. Chowdhury - Successful Student, Canberra

Hi Daniel Just touching base with you now that the training has been completed. I’ve had great feedback from staff attending, so congratulations, awesome work. I would be more than happy to recommend you to other organisations. As discussed could you please send me electronic copies of certificates? Once again thank you for making the organising of the training easy.   Kind Regards Anne

Anne Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

Thank you for the certificate for Cooper and I just wanted to give you some course feedback. Cooper thought the course was terrific and well worthwhile. He did mention to me during the course he loved the skidpan but also said the theory part was interesting and worthwhile. The small numbers of attendees was brilliant I have to say, although not overly profitable for you guys I assume! Damian was a very good instructor and was most engaging, interesting and informative. Full marks as I cannot fault him! He was also very good with Cooper. Perhaps the most worthwhile part was the braking. Cooper improved hugely during this section and it also rammed home to me to trust the ABS and as Damian says, ‘ try and break the brake pedal in half’ ! I grew up obviously without ABS and wouldn’t think to brake so hard so quick. Cooper halved his braking distance in the end which I guess may save his life one day. It was so good for a young person to do and I couldn’t recommend it enough for pre license people. But I guess this has to be taught in conjunction with changing young people’s (boys!) attitude in preparation to getting their P’s, which Damian did talk about. The stats were a great concern to me as a parent of deaths of people on their P’s, especially in the first 12 months. I guess this proves the L plates training alone is not good enough. Thank you also for taking the time to look into your insurance etc to see if Cooper could do it.

Greg Adams, happy parent

I thought the course was fantastic and taught me so much about the safety features of my car I knew nothing about. Having gotten my license over 20 years ago it gave me the chance to brush up on my skills and get rid of redundant techniques. Overall I'd say very worth doing and I will definitely recommend where I can.

Kirsten Dreese