Observed Licence Tests

Motorsport Licensing Process in Australia

Motorsport licensing in Australia is regulated by both Motorsport Australia(MA) and Australian Auto-Sport Alliance(AASA).

To obtain your initial licence, follow these steps:

Select your regulating body which you choose to be licenced through. To choose this you should research which regulator, permits the event you wish to compete in. Please note that a Motorsport Australia licence can be used at both a Australian Auto-Sport Alliance and Motorpsort Australia event. 


Submit Application: Complete a license application, including a medical form.

These forms can be found by clicking on the links below: 

Australian Auto-Sport Alliance

Motorpsort Australia

Once you have applied:

Online Lecture: Expect an email containing a mandatory online lecture as a prerequisite for obtaining a licence(from the regulating body).

Pre-Licence Authority (PLA): Upon completing the online lecture, receive a Pre-Licence Authority (PLA).

Book Observed Licence Test by either emailing us at [email protected] or calling 0466 460 911.


Prior to the assessment compnent of the observed licence test, there will be limit training. If you require training, please enquire about our coaching programs which can get you ready to successfully pass the Obserant Licence Test. 


Observed Licence Test are free with entry into a Fifth Gear Track day. If you can't attend one these events, please contact us about a quote. 

What vehicle do you use:

You are free to provide your own car or hire one of the Fifth Gear Motoring. We have both manual and automatic race cars available. 


Observed Licence Tests assess various aspects that are crucial for safe and intelligent vehicle maneuvering under modified race conditions.

Basic car preparation and setup
Driving techniques and reactions
Safety awareness and race procedures
Mental attitude towards competition
Understanding rules and regulations

The Observed Licence Test is a vital component of motorsport licensing, ensuring participants possess the necessary skills for safe racing. Success in the Obserant Licence Tests is not guaranteed by merely sitting the test; candidates must demonstrate a complete understanding during theory and practical testing. If you have further questions on this, please contact us.

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