Defensive Driving Courses

Our comprehensive Defensive Driving program, spanning just one day, integrates skill enhancement and driver education to provide participants with the ultimate advantage on the road. Our goal is to cultivate a proactive driving mindset and practical skillset that effectively equips drivers to navigate today's roads with confidence.


Ideal for both novice and seasoned drivers, this course offers an excellent opportunity to refine driving techniques and shed outdated habits, ultimately fostering a safer driving environment for all.


We were  featured in an article in Riot Act by Jane Speechly - Take a look at this first-hand overview of the course and its benefits 

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With extensive training spanning from novice learners to police driver instruction, our expertise reveals that the typical driver possesses sufficient competence and familiarity to navigate most situations effectively. Nevertheless, existing license testing criteria fall short of adequately equipping drivers to handle every driving scenario and navigate all potential hazards on the road.


Given the evolving landscape of road regulations, vehicle advancements, and driving methodologies, it's imperative to learn how operate your vehicle correctly in any situation!

Upcoming Defensive Driving Course Dates

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a date in mind and would like us to organise a private group course, we are more than happy to investigate the facility's availability. Please email [email protected] with your enquiry.


Upcoming Public Defensive Driver Course Dates:

12th July Friday SOLD OUT*
27th July Saturday SOLD OUT*
16th August Friday SOLD OUT
31st August Saturday BOOK NOW!
7th September Saturday BOOK NOW!
27th September Friday BOOK NOW!


What does the course cover? 


Our standard Defensive driving program covers the following topics, however, we are more than happy to tailor a program to meet special needs.

Risk analysis
Braking (systems and techniques)
Reaction time exercises
Emergency response exercises
Wet weather driving
Skid avoidance (on a purpose-built skid pan)
Road law
Defensive driving techniques, and
Legal obligations

Our Defensive Driving Courses are ideal for Learners, P Platers, and more experienced drivers.  It's designed for those wanting to update their knowledge, skills, and iron out their bad habits. The day will challenge your thoughts and evaluate your abilities, and we throw in a whole lot of fun for free. In general, we have an even number of males and females attending these courses, so take the right step towards keeping yourself safer on the roads.


Cost per student is $295

Insurance Benefits

Defensive Driving Courses are considered by some insurance providers as valuable driver training that can contribute towards a lower insurance premium.  Ask your insurer today.

Car Hire

Don't have a car to use? No problem! Fifth Gear Motoring offer the opportunity to loan a vehicle for the course. Our loan vehicles include a Mini Cooper and BMW 125i Coupe. The additional charge to hire the vehicle is $220 per person. Contact us today for deals and bookings! 

One on One Defensive Driver Training 

(maximum of 2 people)

We also offer One on One Defensive training please call the office to discuss, The cost is $485 (Weekday) $600 (Weekend) per person, and is limited to a maximum of 2 people. You will need to contact the office 0466 460 911 to book and pay for your place, as they are by appointment only. 

We will organise specialised training and the venue to suit your requirements. As these are tailored to your specific needs there is no further discount available for this particular course.

Car Insurance for the course

As this course is conducted on private property of a Driver Training Centre, please check with your insurance that you are covered. 

NOTE: Always use the term "Defensive Driving Course" not "Advanced Driving Course" as there is a big difference in these two courses and your insurer may or may not cover you.