Defensive Driving Courses

Due to Covid-19 our group courses will have limited participant numbers.

Our one day Defensive Driving program incorporates both skill development and driver knowledge to GET THE DRIVER’S EDGE. The program aims to develop a pro-active approach to driving and realistic skill development that is applicable to best prepare a driver for today’s roads.

This course is great for new drivers and also more experienced drivers.  It is a brilliant way to brush up on your techniques and eliminate old driving habits - making EVERYONE a Safer Driver

We were recently featured in an article in Riot Act by Jane Speechly - Take a look at this first hand overview of the course and its benefits 

With many years of training experience, from learners to Police driver training, we know that the average driver has enough knowledge and experience to get the job done MOST of the time. However, current licence testing standards do not fully prepare drivers for every driving experience or all hazards on the road.  Road rules, vehicle technology and driving techniques change over time.

Upcoming Defensive Driving Course Dates

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a date in mind and would like us to organise a group course, we are more than happy to investigate the facilities availability.

Dates for 2020

Dates Offered Dates offered Fully Booked or places available

Saturday 26th Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

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Saturday 24th Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

Friday 30th Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

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            BOOK NOW


Friday 6th Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

Saturday 21st Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

Places available

Places available


Friday 4th Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

Saturday 12th Canberra BOOK & PAY HERE  Canberra $275

Places available

Places available

What does the course cover? 

Our standard Defensive driving program covers the following topics, however we are more than happy to tailor a program to meet special needs.

Risk analysis
Braking (systems and techniques)
Reaction time exercises
Emergency response exercises
Wet weather driving
Skid avoidance (on a purpose built skid pan)
Road law
Defensive driving techniques, and
Legal obligations
Lunch and Refreshments provided

Our Defensive Driving Courses are ideal for Learners, P Platers and more experienced drivers.  It's designed for those wanting to update their knowledge, skills and iron out their bad habits. The day will challenge your thoughts and evaluate your abilities, and we throw in a whole lot of fun for free. Generally speaking we have an even number of males and females attending these courses, so take the right step towards keeping yourself safer on the roads.

One on One Defensive Driver Training 

(or small groups maximum of 2 people)

We also offer One on One Defensive training please call the office to discuss, These are organised by appointment only cost is $350 per person, and is limited to a maximum of 2 people.

N.B Please note the One on One course cannot be prepaid through the link below - please call the office to organise booking and payment options. As these are tailored to your specific needs there is no further discount available for this particular course.


As this course in conducted on private property of the Driver Training Centre, please check with your insurance that you are covered. 

NOTE: Always use the term "Defensive Driving Course" not "Advanced Driving Course" as there is a big difference in these two courses and what your insurer will and won't cover.

Insurance Benefits

Fifth Gear Motoring Defensive Driving Courses have been assessed by Allianz insurance as a risk management strategy which can contribute towards a lower insurance premium. If you would like a quote from Allianz in relation to this please contact Capital Insurance Brokers and the team will be happy to assist you.

$275.00 Buy a Gift Voucher HERE!