About Fifth Gear Motoring

At Fifth Gear Motoring our motto is "GET THE DRIVER’S EDGE". It comes from our life-long passion for driver safety and education, motorsports, and being the best you can be - along with a belief that our public streets are not the place for risk-taking.

Fifth Gear Motoring provides driver training from the Learner driver stage to advanced and performance drivers and has a history of producing safe and defensive road users.

We offer a range of courses

Learners and Defensive Driver Courses

We aim to educate both new and experienced drivers to be proactive and defensive drivers on today’s roads and with today’s technology. We are passionate about providing quality driver training and promoting safe driver attitudes amongst our customers to reduce their everyday risks. All our trainers have experience working with people with special needs such as ASD, learning difficulties, anxiety, etc. and most have experience working with vehicle modifications such as hand controls.

Track Days and Performance

We believe that people should be given a safe and appropriate environment to enjoy and develop their own passion for driving - on track, as well as being educated and informed drivers for their everyday safety (and the safety of others) on the road.

Corporate and Specialised

The Fifth Gear Motoring team has experience in a range of corporate and specialised training such as working with vehicle modifications and customers with special needs, providing tailored driver training packages for business, vehicle release days, and more.

With our experienced and dynamic team, we are confident we can provide the service to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and invite you to look around our website.

About our Team

Meet our experienced and friendly team all of whom are passionate about driving and safety. Most of our trainers have experience working with Learners with Aspergers, Anxiety, and Learning difficulties and have had training with modifications such as spinner knobs and hand controls. Book in advance - all of our instructors are fully booked most of the time 4-5 weeks in advance. Once you have a spot - book in advance, so you won't have to wait that long again to get your next. 

EXCITING News: We have THREE new instructors, going through their finishing touches, and additional training with Dean and Daniel at the moment. They will be up and running - with diaries opening mid to late July! Watch this space- as we do our very best to ensure that your Learn to Drive journey is as smooth as possible, with as little delay as possible. 


Daniel - Advanced Driver Trainer (Special Needs Instructor, Group Supervisor & Director) ACT ADI #256 - NSW ADI #013000

Daniel comes to Fifth Gear Motoring with a strong motorsports background and a passion for road safety, so his knowledge of driving is beyond what you will get from most driving instructors in Canberra. He has a positive outlook, a can-do attitude, and loves a challenge. His passion for driving is infectious, and he has the ability to motivate students to ask questions and to do their best. If you are a motorsports enthusiast you may like to ask him about his Bathurst experience! Daniel is accredited in both NSW and the ACT.

Dean - Advanced Driver Trainer (Track and Group Supervisor & Director) ACT # 407 NSW ADI#  062013

Dean is the mastermind behind our plethora of courses, often seen running around at track days, special corporate events, school  presentations and occasionally dropping into the learner cars also, to assist with our ACT Safer Driver Course and Beginner Drivers courses also. Dean has an incrediable history of working and managing teams, for corporate events and schools. A deep seated love and respect for the motorsport industry, and all the safety aspects that allow us to continue to enjoy cars no matter the format. 

5th gear is simply awesome. I work full time, but Dean and the office were able to work around my busy schedule and help me get my P's. A special thanks to Kim & Tracy,  for being excellent instructors. An all around great experience, I would highly recommend.

Kim Bessell - AUTO- City, Central, Weston Creek, Woden, Manuka, and Fyshwick ACT ADI # 336  NSW ADI #015497

Having previously had very successful careers as a community pharmacist, in private and public companies, and at senior executive levels in the Australian Government Public Service, Kim has chosen to follow his passion for motoring.  Kim is an accredited driving instructor in the ACT and NSW and also an internationally credentialled performance mindset coach. As a result of this background and experience, you will find Kim to be a skilled and compassionate communicator across all walks of life and all situations.

Kim takes an individualised approach to each student and modifies his teaching/coaching techniques to meet their learning needs.  He is particularly interested in teaching students who think differently and so creates a safe and supportive space for neurodivergent students and those with learning difficulties or mental health issues so they can learn to become safe and competent drivers.

When not working as a driving instructor, you will find Kim strapped into the co-driver seat of a rally car calling pace notes at national and state level rallies on both dirt and tarmac across Australia.  He is also a Gold level driver trainer for high performance driver education. This means that as your driving instructor, he is calm, clear, and understanding in all situations. 

"Kim is an absolutely amazing instructor, always up for conversation and unbelievably understanding when you stuff up. He made me feel a lot more comfortable learning to drive especially with my anxiety." - Liz P, March 2020

Jonathon Martens (Jono) - AUTO-  Gungahlin ACT ADI # 337

Jonathon provides constant dedication and support to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction, excellent results, and a strong inspiration for development. Jonathon started with Fifth Gear in mid-2019, however, he's very quickly become sought after and is always extremely busy in our northside suburbs. Parents and students alike brag about Jonathon’s teaching methods, and he is always highly recommended. 

"Highly recommend 5th Gear Motoring to get your driving lessons. I passed my final drive today and I couldn’t be happier! Jono was an excellent teacher, he’s great at explaining things and gave me the confidence and skills to drive thank you Jono!" K. Poluis April 2020

Jonathon was a brilliant instructor for my daughter, helping her to be a safe and confident driver. Fifth Gear were also amazing with the vulnerable road users and safer driver courses. Thank you so much. She’ll be back to do defensive driving in the future! (name withheld)

Tristan Snow - Manual lessons- Tuggeranong, Woden, Fyshwick, Hume and Queabeyan. (below the Lake)  ACT ADI #391 NSW ADI #16213

Tristan Snow is a highly experienced and passionate driver trainer, particularly known for his expertise in teaching manual transmission. He has a deep love for teaching and enjoys helping new drivers develop their skills and confidence on the road, especially when it comes to the mastery of manual transmission. Tristan's training style is patient, supportive, and focused on empowering his students to become confident, responsible, and safe drivers, regardless of whether they are operating a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. With years of experience in the industry, Tristan is well-versed in the latest driving regulations and best practices and incorporates this knowledge into his training sessions. His commitment to excellence and his passion for driver training make Tristan a sought-after instructor, especially for manual transmission.

"Our daughter had lessons with another driving school and had no confidence and felt like the lessons were going nowhere. Fifth Gear came highly recommended by my work colleagues. MacKenzie had lessons with Tristan and we saw her confidence grow instantly. She said he was easy to talk to, and could understand how 'her brain worked' and we are forever grateful that he was able to tailor her training to help her both gain driving confidence and also her P's!  - We HIGHLY recommend Tristan, and the Fifth Gear Motoring team, thank you everyone."  MacKenzie's Mum, 2022 (surname withheld)

Tracy Gilbert - AUTO - Belconnen and the City - ACT ADI # 370

Her passion for her job shines through, which is why students can't get enough of her lessons. Apart from her regular sessions, Tracy spearheads the ACT Safer Driver Course and the courses for Vulnerable Users and Beginner Drivers. As a mother to a teenager, she intimately understands the thrills and challenges of the learning-to-drive journey. Having recently witnessed her own son navigate the process, she brings an added layer of empathy and understanding. Due to her immense popularity, it's advisable to book with Tracy at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

I cannot recommend Tracy from Fifth Gear enough! She is absolutely fantastic with my daughter. She is patient, friendly, explains everything really well, makes my daughter feel really comfortable, safe and confident. Thanks Tracy you rock!

Tony Prior Manual Northside - Belconnen - City and Gungahlin ACT ADI # 413

The instructors are amazing! They are patient, knowledgeable and experienced. I am a bit slow learner, but they always motivated me. If you are living in North Canberra, I would definitely recommend taking a lesson with Tony. He is very good at his job. He is understanding, funny and honest. He cares about his students and gives them the best advice.

Vincent Tan - Automatic -  Southside Tuggeranong, Woden, Weston Creek and South Canberra - ACT ADI 399

The instructors are amazing! They are patient, knowledgeable and experienced. I am a bit slow learner but they always motivated me. If you are living in Woden area, I will definitely recommend to take Vincent’s lesson. He is very good at his job. He is understanding, funny and honest. He cares about his students and gives them the best advice.

Tom Chao - Automatic - Belconnen, Gungahlin and the City ( Northbourne Avenue ) ACT ADI # 411

Tom Chau is not just any driving instructor; he's an institution in himself with over a decade of experience in the industry. Known for his adept teaching techniques, what truly sets Tom apart is his unique ability to make every lesson enjoyable. For him, it's not merely about imparting driving skills but ensuring that every student has a great experience. Over the years, countless learners have transformed their nervousness into confidence under his guidance, making Tom a trusted name in driver education.

"I’m glad I have done my lessons with the service, all the instructors are really nice and teach me new things every lesson, especially Tom, thank you for helping me getting my P’s"

''I got my Ps today. My instructors Jonathon and Tom were just the best. Kept me calm and comfortable through out my lessons. Highly recommend them from fifth gear.''


Melissa - Administration

Melissa is the voice on the other end of the Fifth Gear Motoring phone who will always do her best to answer your questions and provide you with quality customer service. She is the quiet achiever that keeps this well-oiled motor running.

"Everyone I dealt with at 5th Gear was highly professional, taking the time to listen to our needs. The website and payment system was super easy too. Thanks, 5th Gear - you are great!"  Kylie Hoyland 


Opening and Operation Hours

Office Hours - 9.00 am to 4.00 pm weekdays   - please leave a message if we are on the phones or outside of these hours.

The office is not open on Public holidays, however, lessons may still be booked with instructors wishing to keep the diaries open ( at their own discretion) 
Driving Lessons - 7.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday (instructors hrs vary)

Late Cancellations or on the day of,  please contact the office 0466 460 911 as well as your instructor to advise them with as much notice as possible. Their mobile numbers were sent to you at the time of booking your lesson.