About Fifth Gear Motoring

At Fifth Gear Motoring our motto is "GET THE DRIVER’S EDGE". It comes from our life-long passion for driver safety and education, motorsports and being the best you can be - along with a belief that our public streets are not the place for risk taking.

Fifth Gear Motoring provides driver training from the Learner driver stage to advanced and performance drivers and has a history of producing safe and defensive road users.

We offer a range of courses

Learners and Defensive

We aim to educate both new and experienced drivers to be proactive and defensive drivers on today’s roads and with today’s technology. We are passionate about providing quality driver training and promoting safe driver attitudes amongst our customers to reduce their everyday risks. All our trainers have experience working with people with special needs such aspergus, learning difficulties, anxiety, etc. and most have experience working with vehicle modifications such as hand controls.

Track Days and Performance

We believe that people should be given a safe and appropriate environment to enjoy and develop their own passion for driving - on track, as well as being educated and informed drivers for their everyday safety (and the safety of others) on the road.

Corporate and Specialised

The Fifth Gear Motoring team has experience in a range of corporate and specialised training such as working with vehicle modifications and customers with special needs, providing tailored driver training packages for business, vehicle release days, and more.

With our experienced and dynamic team we are confident we can provide the service to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and invite you to look around our website.

About our Team

Meet our experienced and friendly team all of whom are passionate about driving and safety. Most of our trainers have experience working with Learners with Aspergers, Anxiety and Learning difficulties and have had training with modifications such as spinner knobs and hand controls. Book in advance - all of our instructors are fully booked most of the time 2-3 weeks in advance. Once you have a spot - book in advance, so you won't have to wait that long again to get your next. 


Thomas McCready - Automatic - South Canberra - Queanbeyan

Thomas is passionate about safe driving and driver training. Working across all our programs from Learner's right through to our Advanced Training programs, Thomas understands that learner drivers may be nervous when they first hit the road. His patient and encouraging teaching style makes him very popular with learners of all ages. He is pretty fast around a race track too!

"Thomas is an extremely good instructor. I base my comments on my own knowledge and experience of instructing, including competency based assessing. During his instruction of me he was always clear in getting his message across and I never felt stupid or that I was being condescended to. I felt entirely confident in his knowledge and abilities. His is one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with."

ACT ADI #199 - NSW ADI #013019


Chris Coxhead - Manual  South Canberra and Queanbeyan

Chris came to fifth gear at the beginning of 2015, and trains specifically in our manual minis, covering the south of canberra. He is a quiet achiever since coming on has taken over the entire student list from the previous trainer - now owner - Daniel, so where you would have seen Daniel in the little red mini, its now Chris doing us proud. All of our trainers are hand picked and in house trained to the highest level of training available and we are proud that Chris is part of our team. Chris is accredited in both NSW and the ACT

ACT ADI #290 NSW #014193


Nikita Amrein - Automatic - Northside Belconnen and Gungahlin

Nikita started off as a student of Fifth Gear and ever since obtaining her licence has had a passion for driving. Working as a Driver Trainer is a passion of hers and she is always looking to help out. Nikita is compassionate and knows that learning to drive can be a nerve wracking experience and will take lessons at the learner drivers pace. Nikita has gone through and done numerous courses including Defensive Driver Training, Skidpan Training and Performance Training.

ACT ADI # 307 NSW #014727


Georgia Coxhead - Automatic Central

Georgia worked for the Department of Education and Training for eight years before coming on board with Fifth Gear Motoring as an instructor. As a case manager who specialised in supporting students with additional needs, she is patient and kind instructor. Georgia had been funded by the Department of Education and Training to attend international conferences to speak on Education on several occasions. Also qualified in mediation and coaching, she has a passion for teaching. Georgia is calm under pressure and always working hard to ensure her students have the best learning environments.

"I just wanted to pass on some (very) positive feedback on my lessons with Georgia  – as a completely inexperienced and older learner, I was very nervous about learning to drive. However, I have been really fortunate that I have had  Georgia as a driving instructor: she is intelligent, calm, a brilliant teacher (and a stickler for getting things right!), and has made learning with her both valuable and a real pleasure." Victoria (last name withheld) 2018

ACT ADI # 309   NSW #014597


Jack Greenough, MANUAL - Northside

Jack is one very popular instructor after starting with us in a auto car, he has now switched over and taking manual lessons - northside, Gungahlin and Belconnen areas. Jack is an accredited driving instructor available Monday to Friday from 7:30 am and 5:30 pm during the week and is also available every second saturday - but due to popularity weekends do book weeks in advance.


ACT ADI # 324


Adrian Tozzi - MANUAL  Central & Upper South and Belconnen

Adrian has now been training with us for a while now, and has a great history in all things mechanic and is absolutely loving his new role as our very busy Manual instructor - he is available for lessons Monday to Friday - 7:30 am - 5:30pm. He may also be opening up a Saturday morning in the early 2019 months - watch this space for developments. He is one of our instructors that will and does book out 2-3 weeks in advance, it is certainly worth booking in a few in dates in advance. 

ACT ADI # 320

Daniel - Advanced Driver Trainer (Track and Group Supervisor & Director)

Daniel comes to Fifth Gear Motoring with a strong motorsports background and a passion for road safety, so his knowledge of driving is beyond what you will get from most driving instructors in Canberra. He has a positive outlook, a can do attitude and loves a challenge. His passion for driving is infectious, and he has the ability to motivate students to ask questions and do their best. If you are a motorsports enthusiast you may like to ask him about his Bathurst experience! Daniel is accredited in both NSW and the ACT.

ACT ADI #256 - NSW ADI #013000


Melissa - Administration

Melissa, is the voice on the other end of the Fifth Gear Motoring phone who will always do her best to answer your questions and provide you with quality customer service. She is the quiet achiever that keeps this well oiled motor running.


Opening and Operation Hours

Office Hours - 9.00am to 4.00pm weekdays   - please leave a message if we are on the phones or outside of these hours.

The office is not open on Public holidays, however lessons may still be booked with instructors wishing to keep the diaries open ( at their own discretion) 
Driving Lessons - 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday (instructors hrs vary)
Other Courses - as listed on website