Our Driver Training Courses

Learn to Drive in Canberra and Queanbeyan

An extensive Learn to Drive program with professional, relaxed and friendly Instructors.

Defensive Driving Courses

Incorporating both skill development and driver knowledge to get the driver’s edge.

Advanced Skidpan Training

Safety based 'anti-skid' training and performance based 'drift/car control' training.

Performance Training

For drivers of performance vehicles or those interested in becoming involved in motorsports, and keen to learn the fundamentals of performance driving

Race Car Experience

Find yourself behind the wheel of a performance vehicle, being given professional instruction on how to get the best experience out of your time in this very fast car.

NSW Safe Driver Course

Speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness and safe following distances; preparing you for when you drive unsupervised on your Ps.

Track Days

Race track driving, advanced driving and racing, and driving cars to their full potential in a safe environment.

Corporate Training Courses

Providing driver training for the public and private sector as well as community organisations.

Corporate Social Events

Fifth Gear Motoring can provide social events for small to large groups and are ideal for groups of motoring enthusiasts, or industry related organisations. Our courses are not only social and a great deal of fun, they are also educational and can have team building benefits.

Beginners Drivers Course (Wakefield Park)

Saturday November 14th 2020 BOOK NOW (Ages 13 and up)