Specialised Training

Along with our range of other services, our diverse team of Fifth Gear Motoring trainers have experience working with specialised areas of driver training such as:

Learners & Driver Rehabilitation

  • Driver rehabilitation, those returning to driving after a MVA or medical issue
  • Teaching learners with special needs (Aspergus, Anxiety, Intellectual and Physical disabilities) Fifth Gear trainers have undergone extra training with OT's helping them to develop stratergies to assist the client

We have a fleet of Mini Coopers and one very special Mini with a variety of the latest technology in modified hand and foot controls to assist those with special needs.  These controls are proudly supplied by our partner TOTAL ABILITY "Driving controls for your independence" who provide wonderful service, product and ongoing support.  We also have a series of state of the art Spinner Knobs provided by the team at LODGESONS LTD who we are grateful of for their wonderful support.

When driving with a disability it can be very daunting.  People often feel very anxious and a little lost, not knowing where to start, who to speak with, what the process is, what modifications are going to suit them below is a guide provided by TOTAL ABILITY  to answer some of those questions.  You can also call or email our office to speak with one of our freindly staff

Complete Guide to Driving With a Disability (from Total Ability).

We also offer;

  • High performance driver training
  • Urgent duty driver training
  • Vehicle release days
  • Motorsport driver training
  • Driver assessments
  • VIP driver training
  • Television filming
  • Vehicle testing supervision

We believe this experience sets us apart from other Canberra driving schools, this, and our strong emphasis on customer service and providing quality training to our customers.

Please feel free to email any enquiries, or call the office on 0466 460 911.