Advanced Skidpan Training

Great for gift ideas, group celebrations and social groups!

Here is a link to a video of our Skidpan Days

Check out some of the ACTION shots from one of our skid pan days here.


These half or full day Skidpan-Drift sessions are a great opportunity for individuals and groups that have the passion to play to GET THE PERFORMANCE EDGE, but who realise the public streets are not the place to do it.

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Pricing for these Advanced Skidpan Sessions

  • $195 per person. Participants may share a car, however it is $195 per person to book a place on the day.
  • Maximum of 10 cars on our public skid pan session dates, which means loads of skid pan time for you!
  • Group Bookings are $1650  half day, $ 3200 full day (Plus BOND - see below for details)

The Skidpan can be utilised for safety based 'anti-skid' training as in our Defensive Driving Courses, as well as performance based 'drift/car control' training. The theory is the same, but the application varies and outcomes are very different. It is entirely your choice which approach you choose, Fifth Gear Motoring is happy to support you either way and both styles can be supported within a public skid pan session.

If you have a GROUP and would like to look at another date, call us in the office and we can check availability for a private Skidpan Session.

    2019 Advanced Driver Skidpan Sessions

    January FULLY BOOKED
    February FULLY BOOKED
    March SUNDAY 17th
    April14th  FULLY BOOKED
    June SUNDAY 16th
    July SUNDAY 28th
    August SUNDAY 18th
    September SUNDAY 22nd
    October SUNDAY 20th
    November SUNDAY 17th
    December SUNDAY 15th

    About the Skidpan

    The skidpan we utilise is located at the Sutton Road Driver Training Complex, located between Canberra International Airport and Queanbeyan, approximately 15 minutes from the centre of Canberra, 2 ½ hours from Sydney, and easily accessible from the Federal Highway.

    The skidpan is a kidney shaped purpose built circuit. The surface is smooth concrete which, when wet, becomes very slippery. The skidpan will not damage your car. The surface provides very little traction, meaning it won't wear your tyres. The area is surrounded by high grip concrete, meaning you won't come off the circuit. Fifth Gear Motoring only allows two vehicles on the circuit at any one time, meaning you have plenty of room and little chance of colliding.


    Skidpan Drift Session Details

    1/2 day 8.15 am to 12.30 pm or 12.45 pm to 5.00 pm


    $ 195 - per participant

    Call us on 0466 460 911 for buy a gift voucher on line

    What you get:

    Introduction to advanced car control and skid control
    Cornering techniques
    Defensive driving techniques
    Update your knowledge of your vehicles technology 
    Emergency response techniques
    One-on-one coaching
    Free time on skidpan
    Tea, coffee, cold drinks and light refreshments


    Sutton Road Driver Training Facility
    RMB 300 Sutton Road (off Pialligo Rd), Canberra

    What you need to provide:

    Own vehicle (vehicles must comply with RTA noise standards, and be Road worthy and Registered)
    Suitable clothing and appropriate footwear
    Payment needs to be made at time of booking to secure your place


    IMPORTANT changes to our skidpan courses

    All vehicles must be registered as this is a requirement of the training facility. 

    • N.B Registration checks are also done on the day - any vehicle found to be unregistered or if a participant damages property will be asked to leave immediately.
    • All Vehicles must be registered and must not exceed a noise limit of 85db at 30 meters. If your vehichle has a modified exhaust, it is advisable to check this prior to going on the skidpan, as you will be asked to leave if your vehicle rises about this limit.

    BOND for all Group Bookings

    • Due to our arrangement with the skidpan facility we are now required to take a $500 bond - payable prior to your date for all group bookings. This is to cover any damage that may be caused in the duration of the day, oil leaks etc, any damaging behaviour or if ANY VEHICLE is found to be unregistered a fine may be imposed by the facility of up to $500 per vehicle.  Where damages occur the full bond will be held to pay for any damages.

    NO SMOKING in the majority of the facility.

    • Also there is a strict no smoking rule for the majority of the facility, in the interest of the public and the safety of the facility. Please ensure that smoking is kept to a minimum and only in the designated areas.  Fifth Gear Motoring staff and show you during the induction at the beginning of your session, if you unsure, please ask. Should you be found to be smoking outside of this designated area, you will be asked to leave, and no refunds or discussion will be entered into.


    We can deliver our Group Skidpan sessions in a variety of ways to provide different experiences from 'wet weather' training, advanced vehicle control, drift experience, defensive training, motorkhana's and timed events. An experienced trainer is provided to facilitate the session, provide training and keeps things running safely and smoothly. Please call the office to organise bookings: 0466 460 911

    Prices are

    $1650  half day, $ 3200 full day 

    We recommend that you don't have more than 12 people per booking to ensure everyone gets the same time on the skidpan.  

    We can't express how much excitement these Skidpan Courses generate and know that you will enjoy every minute of your experience with us!

    All vehicles must be registered as this is a requirement of the training facility.

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