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Latest News from Fifth Gear Motoring:


11.04.2022 - We have just completed another amazing Beginner Drivers Course, at Wakefield Park today. Many thanks to all the students who booked this out in record time, and all the positive feedback we received from parents, who watched along from the wall. The next course dates for the July Holidays, will open soon  - pop this one in the diary and don't miss out on your spot! Keep an eye out for the release of spots for the 4th of July, 2022.



Christmas - New Year Break ( from 23rd December to the 10th of January).  We are all wishing you a wonderful break and safe and happy 2022! We look forward to speaking with you all and assisting you after the break.

TO CANCEL or RESCHEDULE: please contact call or text your instructor, their mobile phone numbers can be found on your booking confirmation email, that was sent to you at the time you made your appointment.
Please Note, we try to check social media messaging, but the most reliable way is still a phone call and leave a message.

REMEMBER - school will be back before you know it, get ahead of the crowd and grab your before and after school appointments BEFORE school returns!



Talk about hitting the ground running (driving actually!)
We are juggling lessons like clowns in a circus, to accommodate all the missed lessons and very very eager students who are desperate for lessons, in our Mini Coopers, with our amazing instructors.

Please ensure that you give us 24 hours' notice and we absolutely will do our very best to do the same, if, for any reason, our instructors are unable to do your lessons.

TO CANCEL or RESCHEDULE: please contact us 0466 460 911, or email us at [email protected] If you are able to also, text your instructor, their mobile phone numbers can be found on all our your booking confirmation emails, sent to you at the time you made your appointment.
Please Note, we try to check social media messaging, but the most reliable way is still a phone call and leave a message.


We are back and every single car is running hot! All lessons have been rescheduled or emails have been sent to organise new times as soon as we possibly can. Please have a think about Christmas holidays, these will book up SOLID from the end of term, we can't stress enough - get it quickly or you'll be  waiting until Feb!


Updated: 12.10.21 - Fifth Gear Motoring will be resuming Accredited Driving Lessons from Friday 15th October, ( however we are all fully booked!) jump on to book your lessons now.


As you would expect the lessons that were booked for August and September at the beginning of lockdown have been moved or rescheduled. Please check your bookings, as soon as you are able, and let us know if they aren't suitable.

We can't wait to get back on the road and start training again!


See you all soon


Kindly all of us here at Fifth Gear Motoring!



Updated 10.09.2021

We have just now received the following advice from our ADI Audit Team, ACT Government:

All Learner Licences with an expiry date between 9 August 2021 and 31 January 2022 will be automatically extended for 6 months.

A letter will be sent in late September to the Learner Licence holders confirming the extension.  If they wish to obtain a replacement licence card they can do this online with no fee.  However, if they are unable to process the request online, they will need to contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or attend an Access Canberra Service Centre when they reopen after lockdown.

Transport Solutions & Enforcement  |  Licensing and Registration      

Access Canberra  |  Chief Minister Treasury and Economic Development Directorate   |    ACT Government


PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to begin lessons again until after the 16th of October 2021 - as per the ACT Health Directive. 

ACT Government has decided to extend the lockdown, as I'm sure everyone is aware. Our hands are tied, and we are unable to do any lessons or courses during this period. Please note NO lessons will go ahead until we are given the green light.
Please note if you have lessons booked in this period, and would like a refund or to simply reschedule them, flick us an email, or feel free to call our office, as we are here, ready to assist.
We understand that this is a very trying time, and one that we all need to take seriously and ensure every student and also our instructors stay very safe!
We'll be back up and running as soon as it is possible.

Mobile: 0466 460 911 or email  [email protected] 


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