Upcoming changes to our online booking and pricing

Submitted by Simon Olsen on Sun, 2019-03-03 14:59
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You’re part of something pretty special… We are one of the Largest Driving Schools in Canberra!

It is such an exciting time for Fifth Gear Motoring, our Canberra based Driving School. We couldn’t be prouder of our students graduating daily, as well as our instructors who do an amazing job!

We are constantly upskilling and keeping abreast of the current laws in both ACT and NSW. As always, we endeavour to keep you informed of all these changes.

Some of our staff are proud members of advisory committees and are invited to talk and discuss changes to upcoming legislation that can best serve our students and the entire driving community.

Due to the growth we have seen in the past 18-24 months, we have introduced a new online booking system to handle the call-in enquiries and ensure we continue to provide outstanding service and lessons to each and every student who contacts us. A massive 85% are referrals from our past students, and we want to ensure that continues.

However, we have heard and noted the frustration of parents and students trying to book our very popular 7:30 am and 4:30 pm timeslots (before and after school). When we first introduced the online booking system, we trialled a book now - pay later system. This has lead to those times slots being booked days, weeks, some even months in advance. Great for those who manage to snag them, but crazy wait times for those who miss out.

A Much Fairer System! Pay As You Book

Book Now – Pay Now System.

From the 11th of MARCH, our online booking system will allow students to book lessons and pay for them straight away via credit or debit card.

We hope that this will allow all our students a fairer opportunity to snap up the lessons they require with the instructor of their choice when it suits around their college/work (sometimes both) commitments.

Our EFTPOS machines will also be slowly phased out of our cars, over the coming months.

We agree with the feedback from our customers: if students book and pay at the time of booking, it will mean a MUCH fairer system. Instead of a student booking every 4:30 pm slot for 3 weeks straight’ and everyone else having to wait sometimes up to a month, this new system, should slow these booking trends down, and allow others the opportunity to book.

It will also prevent our other issue with last-minute cancellations due to forgotten bookings. We agree with our feedback that it’s not fair that a prime booking space is not fulfilled due to a pre-booked, unpaid lesson being forgotten about.

More information about this later in this article.


As mentioned above, another issue that has come to our attention is the number of late cancellations or no-shows that have our instructors sitting and twiddling their thumbs because a student simply forgot a lesson booked or decides on the day, ‘we’ll do something else’. Due to the waitlist, we simply cannot afford for the instructors to be sitting still. 

The previous cancellation fee of $40 will be increased from the 11th March to the full lesson amount $80 if the student doesn’t give the instructor and or the office a FULL 24 HOURS NOTICE to cancel.  Please note this is NOT a new policy, it is, however, a new amount – and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Where we can, we would LOVE to offer the spot to another student busting to get started or waiting for a cancellation to pop up. So we will continue to strictly enforce the 24-hour rule and hope reduce the amount of these last-minute cancellation occurrences. 

If you are unwell

Obviously, if a student is unwell we will take this on a case by case basis –The office will need as much notice as possible and we will reschedule the appointment as soon as we possibly can. Please call the office to discuss – 0466 460 911.

Get in contact

We are in the office Monday to Friday 9 – 4 pm, to assist with setting up students, and organising and tailoring training for all of our students, feel free to call and discuss any of the above with us at any time.