Track Days

Dates and booking forms below. 

Wednesday 26th January

      Wakefield Park   Fully Booked

Tuesday 29th March

      Wakefield Park   Fully Booked

Monday 30th May

      Wakefield Park   Fully Booked

Thursday 14th July

      Wakefield Park Fully Booked

Wednesday 30th November


Check out this VIDEO for a look at our track days.

Our Track Days are a great event for car clubs, social groups or the individual. You get to drive on the race track push the limits and improve your lap times in a safe and controlled environment.  Our days are family friendly!

The Track Days are designed for drivers who have a passion for driving and who want to improve their knowledge and advanced driving skills and enhance their driving experience to GET THE PERFORAMNCE EDGE! Whether it is your first time on a race track, want to do some testing or just want to have some fun.  This day is a must on your calendar. We can run small or large groups or days for the indicidual and tailor the training to suit each driver’s current standard and vehicle type.

Fifth Gear Motoring has professional trainers available on the day to assist you both in car and out of the car so you are guaranteed to get personalised service to help improve your lap time and skill.

Who would benefit from a Track Day?

Anyone interested in taking their driving to the next level, and are looking to do some performance training.  Our days are also very good for those looking to get into motorsport. Push the limits and learn how to drive your car to its potential in a safe environment.

Whether you’ve always talked about it or are already doing it, this course will definitely improve your driving, your knowledge and give you more confidence.

Where are the Track Days held?

Our Track Days are run at WAKEFIELD PARK and are adrenalin packed days of speed, fun and skill development. They are a perfect social event for small and large groups or just the individual.

What does the track day involve

Our Track Days are run as an open pit lane, meaning you go on track as often as you like. They include the following

  • Free driver training
  • Max 40 cars
  • The fundamentals of vehicle control and setup
  • Cornering race lines
  • Steering techniques
  • Cabin/driver setup
  • Throttle control
  • Trail braking
  • Passenger riders (14yrs & up)

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and morning and afternoon tea provided (paused during Covid)

Course Details


* 8.00am - 4.30pm

Prices: $240 per person (your own vehicle)

Fifth Gear has race cars available for hire starting from $750.


  • Wakefield Park Raceway Goulburn.

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